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Non-factory cargo light options

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As many of you know, I am building my truck as a '99 XJ conversion. The XJ has a 3rd brake light integrated into the wiring harness and I would like to add one to the back of my cab. Not only because it is part of the harness, but for safety reasons to protect me and my mint MJ bed. In addition to a 3rd brake light, I would like to have the light also have a cargo or bed light built into it. I plan on operating it via a factory XJ/TJ fog light switch in the dash.


Example, from newer Silverado:



Now the search for a light. I would like something factory-esque. Are there any modern trucks that have an integrated 3rd brake/cargo light that have similar cab contours as the MJ? Or are there any short and flat 3rd brake/cargo lights that could fit on the flat portion of the cab, directly above the rear window?


Talk me through your experience, thoughts, or options.

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Just a guess here, but you'll most likely be better suited looking at the local yard. I would eyeball up the '90's import trucks... Something like that Chevy one you posted would be a beeyotch. I think I can remember the older 'yota's having something similar to the MJ, where it was more of an afterthought, and was more of a unit bolted onto a cab that would look normal without one...


I would just google cargo light images... I bet there is something in the aftermarket also... Come to think of it.

Rob L.

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check out the one on a new body tundra 07+ my brother got led-lights for his and let me have his 3rdbrake+cargo light, looks like with slight mods (and a bigger set than i've got :eek: ) it would fit real nice. kinda large though


it sits on the body instead of recessed like that silverado

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Oh man, now the gears are turning jamminz.gif This is exciting because all I have been doing to the truck is looking at the floors :ack:


I do not know much about the various truck models out on the market, so I turned to CC who might know. I did some visual searching tonight and am really stuck on the 07-11 Tundra 3rd/bed light. It is simple with straight lines, like our trucks. However, I need to check the cab contours out and pull out a ruler. Plus and OEM light from Toyota is cheaper than an aftermarket LED.


Image Not Found

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