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Blower Motor

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I'm currently working on climate control system while waiting for brake lines shipment to arrive.


I can't find the Blower Motor connector so wheres the location the connector is at? have to remove the dashboard?


So the issue is that blower don't blowing at all in any speed range, i checked the resistor- its pretty in bad shape. I want to apply the volts to blower motor it self but can't find the connector for it.

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The blower motor connector is under the hood on the passenger side, up by the firewall. The connector is very accessible, you will see the back end of the blower motor up in the corner once you open your hood.


hmm is it should be right under the coolant expand bottle?

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just let you guys know that i got my blower work by replaced the motor and new 12 gauges of wire for power from fuse to switch.


all i need to replace later is resistor and climate control dash board because previous owner cut the vent for windshield defrost :doh:

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