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Power brakes

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yea its the diaphram thats bad. Not running the brakes are good and stiff with no pedal travel, once started the pedal drops to the floor, i can quickly pump up the brakes but being the diaphram is busted its constantly pulling vacuum and the engine wants to die. If not plugging the line completely maybe kinking it so less vacuum gets pulled might do the trick?

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It may stop the vacuum issue but the brake pedal would still be rock hard. The only cure is a swap to a manual m/c set-up or replacing what you have now,IIRC.


Is there any evidence of a fluid leak? Maybe leaking back into the booster(which would have eaten the diaphragm)? The lack of a booster would make the pedal hard, but the pedal slowly going to the floor is usually the fluid bypassing the piston in my limited experience.

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