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Clock wiring

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Ok so I picked up this clock for my 94 XJ but there is no wire for it in the dash like my MJ. Can I just hook the wires for the light to a power source that is on when ignition is on, and the clock wires to a constant power source?

I.E Both black=ground and Blue=ACC Red= constant

Image Not Found

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Thanks great site! However I think there may be something up with the Cherokee Country. I looked in at least 4 Countries at the JY and they all had dummy plates even a fully loaded one. I removed everything from around the dash cluster and all panels to find no clock wiring! I found a plug that looks like the black clock plug but no way to connect them as they have the same ends. (female to female). I will just wire it up now that you helped me out with the wiring diagram.

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The clock wiring for mine was buried in behind the insrument cluster. My 87 base model spertruck had the wiring there and the fuse already in the fuse block... just wasnt ever used till I put one in, though the wiring for the older style has 5 wires in a 6 pin connector. Looks like you have it figured out though. Good Luck.

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