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Oil Pressure Gauge Testing

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I found an old string about testing the oil pressure gauge. It said disconnect the sensor wire and turn the key on and the gauge should read around 80. Then ground the wire and it should got to zero. Mine is at 80 with the key off. With the key on it increases slightly with the wire off and with the wire grounded. I checked with the ohm meter and there is connection between the wire and the ground. Any suggestions for what to do next?


Back ground: This is the '91 Metric ton that I posted in the pub. The mechanic said it had a blown head gasket or cracked head from running it out of oil. Actually what we found is that there is a half inch hole in the heater control valve that is in the middle of the hoses going to the heater core. I rerouted the hose to bypass the heater for now. The mechanic put oil in it and it is only a half quart low and there doesnt appear to be any water in the oil. I filled it with antifreeze and water 50/50. I ran it for a bit and there doesnt seem to be any leaks, but I did not run it long because the oil pressure gauge is not working.


On a side note it knocks pretty good is there any magic substance to help it recover? ;)

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