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Another driveshaft question

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I was going to post this in the driveshaft length thread but that's all about stock trucks...


So, I've swapped an AX-15/NP231 and Chry 8.25 from a '98 XJ into my '90 MJ SWB and after reading the driveshaft length thread I decided I should need a 42.25" ds. Easy enough.... Learning as I have to always double check, I measured the eye to eye under my truck with the slip yoke in the original position and the truck on its wheels. I come up with ~40" :huh???: . That's not even close! I'm having it made to that length 'cuz that's what's gonna fit, 42.25" would definitely bottom out on the TC before getting the U-joint in place.


Did the change from the external to internal seal on the NP231 change this or is there something else I'm missing?

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