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Comanche gets a new toy Sunday


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Headed to pick up this D44 front axle out of a 2005 Rubicon on Sunday. It has the 15" Vanco Big Brake kit (EBC Green Pads), ORO U-Turn steering with 7075 Aluminum Tie Rod (new TRE's), RE Track Bar, RockCrusher Diff Cover, 4:10 Gears, Alloy USA Axle shafts and Alloy USA axle seals. Has a busted front locker (typical for the rub lockers when loaded up). Figure $2500 in after market parts :eek:



My plan is to take the ORO Steering, trackbar end, shafts and seals out of this axle and install them in my Rubi. Afterall, I planned on buying all of those parts anyhow! All of the stock stuff I take out of my axle will go into this housing for the Comanche, resulting in a decent axle for my project truck... (D44, Rockcrusher, 4.10s, Vanco Brakes, and a replacement locker). Then I just need to get my MJ D44 geared and rebuilt and I'll be good to go :thumbsup:

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