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Valve Cover crack..

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Hey guys,

tonight I drove about 20 minutes in the MJ, once I got to my destination I saw that a whole lot of smoke was coming out from under the hood. I opened it, looked down, got a flashlight and noticed oil was under on the edge of the valve cover going down to the exhaust. (I believe that is why there was smoke) so I saw cracks around the valve cover where the bolts were... I'm thinking it is from the stress of the valve cover since it is so old.. I tried looking for a new one but couldn't find one... Well there are some buy don't look the same as the old...


Any help please?

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2.5 plastic valve covers commonly have this malady ( overtightening the bolts and heat warp usually the cause ) The plastic VC's are availible from dozens of sources and cheap or switch to 91+ aluminum type but you will have to re-plumb the PCV/CCV and vent hoses . If you stick with plastic use the Felpro dry gasket and change factory shoulder bolts to 1/4 -20 5/8" flange bolts " , Lock-tite and torque to factory spec.s :thumbsup:

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