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Odd Ball Problem

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Okay, here's the deal. I had installed a small 150 Watt amp to power my 10" Subs in the MJ. All has been working great for the last month or so. Then out of nowhere, every time I push on the clutch pedal, even a little bit, the subs cut out :dunno: I watched the power indicator light on the amp, and it never misses a beat and stays lit. None of the wires for the amp are even close to the pedal, not the ground, power, remote or RCA's. Anybody have any ideas on why it is doing this? It is really driving me nutty!! :help: I have the amp grounded behind the seats, the remote wire and RCA's are ran under the center counsel, and the power is ran along the drivrs rocker/door jamb into the fuse block. Anything might help, thanks!!! :wall:

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