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full size/width 8.8...c-clip ??'s

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I think I have finally figured out my axle selection for my MJ.


My neighbor has an extra HP-44 I can get for CHEAP. I;ve used these before so it's a no brainer.


BUT he also has an 8.8 in his '88 F-150 that he plans to replace with a 9" (matched set for the front axle he plans to use).


I know the explorer 8.8 is somewhat popular across the board but I've neve run an 8.8 at all. 35, 8.25, 44, 9", 60...but never the 8.8.


I'm planning on radius arming the front ***IF I find the front end has welded on wedges I may go leaves up front...no poking fun I have done it once before and it worked great*** and then SOA the rear with 5.13's and 35's. I figure the 4 bgnr should pull them fine as I have ran 4.88's in 2 different TJ's with 33's under the 4 bngrs and they did well and the are heavier and somewhat less areodynamic than the MJ.


I guess I am just asking if anyone else has run the full size 8.8?


Also I am pondering running a full spool in the 8.8 ***again no poking fun as I have done this on 2 rigs in the past so I know what I would be getting into***. My question here is the C-clip eliminators. How hard of a job is that and where is a good place to get them should I go that route?



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Nah...not afraid. I love the 8.25 axle but can't get the gears I want in it. If I could run 5.13's or 5.38's in the 8.25 I'd go there since I know where a fair few are in the JY's around me. And the XJ/MJ 44's have become pricey and are no less $$ to build plus the only matched front axle for bolt patterns is the rubicon front D-44 and those are even more $$. 60 would be too big unless I find a good deal on a semi floater and having run a 9" in the past I am not a big fan of the LOW pinion on it. Hung me up pretty good a few times and that was on 35" tires.


I would really love to run a LP 44 up front and then in the rear also so I can drop down to 5.89 gears. Make the 4 bngr a little more peppy!


Just thinking of the spool route which is the only reason I'd get rid of the clips. I like the strength and cost of the full spool but if the c-clip eliminators+spool cost around the same as getting a detroit or comparable auto locker I will just go that route. Decisions decisions! Something else may come along before my neighbor even gets ready to pull the 8.8 from his truck. :hmm: :D

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