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I was on e-bay today looking at Jeep Comanche vehicles for sale and I noticed that they hide the names of bidders now.


They call the bidder bidder1 bidder2 etc.


What kind of crap is that?


How can I bid on something if I don't know who I am bidding against?? And how many times that person has bid?? and search by name to see what else that person has bought, sold, or is bidding on??


Furthermore, if I seller has 5 unrelated items for sale like a boom box, a Jeep, a ball glove, antique glass dish, and Jeep lift parts, I should have a right to investigate his auctions to see if the same person is bidding on all five items running the price up. (I feel that is suspicious, and I would not want to bid)


I contacted E-bay, about the problem, and they told me they did this to help people stay safe.


What a bunch of crap

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