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my $500 comanche


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ok first off wow i have learned so much from reading the forums. there is lots of great info guys


- thank you ! -


Iv been hunting for a solid axle 4x4 project for about a year now and most iv looked at are rusted & rotted out or beaten the hell out of .on friday the 24th i picked up a stock 1988 4x4 4.0L, 5 speed - ba/10 ,short box.

31'-10-15 bfg all terrains on 97 jeep rims


iv given myself a week to get her on the road & so far i ripped out the seat & wet carpet . iv cleaned up the hole on the drivers side & just a cpl small holes on the passenger side. I'm going outside now to Finnish patching & riveting.


you all know about that I'm sure


I have a small list of things to get finished b4 the safety on Friday


like where is the horn ? i have a new one & can't see where the wires are 4 it :huh???: lol


i bought the tare down & repair manual and the word horn is no ware to be found


thnx shane


ps how & where do i add pix of my bad @$$ ride

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first congrats on the cheap comanche


2nd go see photobucket.com for your pics


and the horn shourd be in the midle of the steering wheel where you bash when your pissed at the guy in front of you







mouhahahahaha seriously driver side just behind the bumper

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Not sure if the safety inspection in Ontario is anything like Manitoba, but if it is, you're not gonna get away with riveting patches in your floor. Here it has to be fully welded. Unless of course your rivet job is really good, followed by undercoat, then some dirt...... :brows: ...so they won't think to lift your carpet and check!

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