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1990 - 1997 Swap + 4wd Conversion Question

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So, I'm in the process of converting my already converted 4wd 1990 Comanche to a 1997. The donor I'm using is 2wd, but unfortunately, I can't use my '95 AX-15 because the donor is an automatic. I already know that I'll need a '97 4wd AW4, but will my '95 NP231 work with it? I've got another bracket for the linkage (the one that connects to the transmission tunnel), but is the bracket that connects where the transmission and TC join different between the manual and auto?


I know its somewhat of a mess with all the the different years I'm combining, but I just want to make sure I have everything ready to go. If my current transfer case won't work, then I'll plan on selling it with the transmission and getting another one when I get my new transmission.


Also, since my donor is 2wd, how do I get the 4wd light to come on? I assume its some kind of sensor or plug, but would it exist on the 2wd wiring harness?




Current: 1990 4.0, 1995 4wd AX-15, 1995 NP231

Donor: 1997 4.0, 2wd AW4

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I can't comment on whether the tcase will fit properly, however i can tell you that your 97 2wd donor does have the proper plug to plug into an electrically compatible transfer case. My 2001 donor was a 4.0/aw4 2wd and the harness has the plug for the 4wd indicator light

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