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wanting to swap a 2.5 for a 4.0


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Thank You for the help everyone on the XJ 4.0 swap that is coming up shortly. To the point here.

I picked up a 2 wd "parts MJ" a couple weeks ago for the price of the tow to the guys house from where it died. I finally had a change to go over it and have a good look. Man is it in good shape. very little to no body work needed. the cab corners are perfect, the floors are solid carpet is dirty but that should shampoo out. in issue is it has a 4 banner that is toasted, and it has the basic interior, bench seat, and a gage pod that only has fuel and speed.

what is involved in swapping a 4.0 in, all the 4wd stuff and the gage pod out of my 90 eliminator (with a trashed body) into the 88.

I know this has been done and there is write ups, could you just give me the links please and any tips for the job.


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It is out of an 88

I am guessing I am going to have to take the computer and wiring harnesses from the 90 I6 in order for that to run.

Correct. But at least the firewall won't have to be modified.


You'll also need the front radiator supports, and the 4.0L radiator. Also, the 4.0L weighs a lot more, so you'll have to swap the front springs.

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