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How hard are fuel injectors to clean/replace

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as stated its pretty simple really. 4 bolts hold the fuel rail on the manifold. remove them and then pull up on the rail at both ends.after you've removed the wires.i always take tape and mark what wire came from what injector.I'm not even sure it matters but more than likely it does,I'm sure they have to fire in order with the ignition spark.once those 2 are loose just pull the injector out. sometimes the seals are a little stuck a good tug will get them out.i'd would order new o-ring seals if the new injectors don't come with them.and i've found it easier to put a little grease on each oring before reassembly,makes the rail go back on easier.

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Yeah it's not bad. As said, just make sure they have new O-rings and you are careful not to damage the rings during installation. If one catches on the edge of the ports it can easily cut them. May not hurt to pick up a few extra rings as well, just in case. You should be able to find them at any parts store and they are cheap.


Also, just FYI those injectors are the same as a 19lb ford 5.0 (and 4.6 2v) injector (probably what they actually are). In other words, you can probably find them even cheaper since there are tons of them out there, and many stang owners swap them for larger injectors during modding. I know I have a set from my old stang waiting on me to get around to installing them on the MJ :D

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I can keep an eye out on some for cheap if you're not in a hurry, no guarantees though. That listing for $50 is really not bad for a rebuild and guaranteed set (assuming he is a good seller and stands by his word!). Then there's always the junkyard.


I haven't heard about the neon injectors. Just a pure guess, but maybe the 703s are the ones used in the turbod' SRT neons? :dunno:

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I put neon 703's in my mj and noticed easier faster starts and less high idle right after start up.

i can't say about the mpg increase as about a week later i put a new titan stock motor in it.(not the stroker)

i also put 703's in my sons cherokee his idles better and starts better but still high idles at start up.

the 703's we got were used not rebuilt too.



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