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Help! my comanche problem

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Jeep 1987 4.0l manual trans.A bout a month ago my jeep quit. I thought it was a timing chain but when I took the cap off and cranked the engine noticed the rotor was'nt turning.So I pull out the distributor and the gear was missing teeth, so I replace the gear reset the distributor and started the engine. It seems to stumble at 2,000 rpm and will backfire thru the pipe. So i begin to replace parts, I buy stator(CPS),rotor,cap,plugs,wires,icu,put in some fuel treatment.Still has the problem.I then get map,cps,tps,gas filter.Will run but still has the problem.Icheck injectors by pulling the connector one at a time while engine running,but do not notice any change.A mechanic says to rev the engine and to check the injectors so i will try that again. When it quit i tried cranking the engine at least four times,would cranking the engine somehow bugger my valves?(hope not). I'm at my wits end and my wallet is empty. I guess i'll have to take it to a real mechanic,but one that has knowledge of jeeps is hard to come by in these parts.I will be thankful of any tips anyone has out ther outside of telling me to get rid of it LOL

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