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well, I traded my lifted MJ to my room mate for quite a bit of stuff.



among that is an '89 MJ swb shell, with '93 H.O. motor that I resealed for it, 2001 intake, aftermarket replacement header, 62mm TB, aw4, np231 (sealed output), and a grey interior.



I have alot of work to do on it. I have a complete H.O. wiring harness for it, but I don't think I'm willing to use MJ specific parts on it.


when I stripped the '97 xj out and put the '98 parts in it, I ended up with a complete H.O. conversion to '97+.


so, I'm doing that to this truck. Floors should be done in a few weeks, with the 2x6 rockers welded in. 97+ interior, doors, wiring, and front end.


running a 3.73 d30 and hope to find another D44 for it with 3.73's.


taking the 4.5" RC lift I have and throwing that in it


repair all rust and paint her up a nice yellow color.

97+ front clip and windshield


custom front and rear bumpers, and exhaust. doing a minor trim job on the bed and fenders.


running an optima yellow top, the motor is yellow and black, interior will be a grey/charcoal combination with leather seats if I can find them...otherwise I'll use the dakota 60/40 seats that I have in it.



should be interesting. the goal is basically a good looking light/medium wheeler that allows me to keep up with my room mate in my old mj, but is not so big that I break stuff. it'll be a trail survivor as well...I want to be able to get out of any situation I get into.


The biggest goal is for it to cost no money other than gas and wire for the welder, and electric. That should be possible since I already have all of the parts to do that.


pics as progress allows.

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looking at this body further, it wasn't worth fixing. so, I scrapped the chassis after pulling all MJ specific parts off of it.



still have this project in the works...found a 2x4 eliminator with no rust but nothing but the cab and bed left of it. perfect for a '97+ build.

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