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MJ 5-Leaf Metric Tonne Leaf Springs


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I have been looking for a source for Comanche Metric

Tonne springs for quite some time, and managed to find

some. I needed a set because I carry around the

camper, and mine were pretty sagged out. After I

purchased, I spoke to the vendor and managed to

negotiate a discounted price for Comanche Club

members. There are 8 individual springs available now,

and if orders are sufficient, they will make more

(about a 3-month lead time). Spring specs are:


New manufactured Metric Tonne leaf spring

o Has the same specs as Jeep leaf spring part number


o Five leaf, three thinner top leafs and 2 heavier

bottom leafs

o 1500 # rating

o 130 - 275 spring rate, 9-5/8" arch

o 26" x 31" x 5-leaf, 2-1/2" wide


Discounted price is $175/ea (regular price is



You can order here:


http://www.generalspringkc.com/leaf_spr ... eclub.html


Shoot me a PM for any questions or pics.



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4-Leaf MJ springs used throughout the years were:


52006 448 . Std. Duty, 4 Leaf, Coded RB

52006 444 . Std. Duty, 4 Leaf, Coded RD

52006 446 . Std. Duty, 4 Leaf, Coded RE

52006 445 . Std. Duty, 4 Leaf, Coded RF

52006 447 . Std. Duty, 4 Leaf, Coded RG


According to the guys at my dealer, they were all 900-960# capacity, just had a slightly different arch. 'Course, none of these are available anymore.

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