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I give up. The brake line won.

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2 weeks ago, the rear brake line in my XJ popped. (rusted out).



I replaced the rear rubber line, and the rusty line (used brake line I already had: a 'newish' 5' section + shorter section pieced in to reach the firewall).


There was a quirky metric joint (male metric line into a female metric end, no coupling), by the firewall that looked like it could be a problem, but the job went fine.


Except for the air in the line at the passengers side rear bleeder screw (no air at the drivers side).


At the end of every brake pump, WOOOSHHHHHHhhhh air bubbles.



OK, must be the funky metric joint,

reflared it, replaced it with two std ends, and a coupling (union) in between.


WOOOSHHHHHHhhhh (only on the PS)


OK, screw it, not even sure why I left the joint in there, I'll swap a new brake line from the 'new' 5' section, right to the prop valve.


WOOOSHHHHHHhhhh (only on the PS)



Alright, this is getting old,

my flare tool has seen better days, and they actually make a Craftsman one now that's decent,

swap my old crappy Craftsman flare tool for a brandy new one (that makes better flares), and remake the flares I did.


WOOOSHHHHHHhhhh (only on the PS)



OK, sick of chasing my tail,

since it's only on the passenger's side, maybe I damaged the tube over the axle when I swapped it into the new rubber hose/junction block.


New section over rear axle swapped in.


WOOOSHHHHHHhhhh (only on the PS)



OK, maybe that 'newish' line I pulled out of my basement was crappy,

new rear 5' section, and new 40" section from there to the prop valve since I had to take it apart anyway

(also used brand new union)


WOOOSHHHHHHhhhh (only on the PS)



Well, since EVERY LINE from the prop to the rear wheel cylinder has been replaced TWICE now,

that brandy new made in China rubber flex line must be the problem.

I'll dig out an old one, and see if the china crap was somehow defective & letting in air.


WOOOSHHHHHHhhhh (only on the PS)




Cliff notes:

two complete different brake lines from prop valve to wheel cylinder, and two different rear brake hoses all = WOOOSHHHHHHhhhh (only on the PS).



I've swapped brake lines dozens of times in the past, and never had one kick my a$$ this bad.

Even quicky fixes using crud filled brake lines off junkers, without going through this much aggravation.


I'm ready to push it off a cliff.

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