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Instrument Panel/Transfer Case Selector Light

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Today I put my insulation and carpet back in. All was well until I hit the headlight switch, and I realized I had no instrument panel lights. I checked, and the 5A fuse was blown. I wondered if I pinched a wire with the carpet/seat/seatbelt reinstallation. I found where I pinched the wires for the Transfer Case Selector light with the seatbelt bolt against the tunnel.


Before looking for that wire, I put a multimeter on the two prongs for that light, and I got the continuity beep. I figured that was my sign that circuit had the short.


After digging that wire out from under the carpet and finding where I could see a strand of copper through torn insulation, I separated the two wires, but I still get the continuity beep. Is that normal? I even cut the two wires off where they pinched, and I put the meter across the ends that run to the harness - still had continuity.


I put in a new 5A fuse, and now I have a lit instrument panel again. With the parking lights/IP lights on, the continuity beep across those two wires is a lot louder, but with the switch off, it's not a "feeble" beep like one gets while testing a circuit with a really bad connection. I just thought when a switch was OFF, there should be NO continuity through it.


I wondered if there is a chance that the instant before the fuse blew, was the switch harmed?


Or is it a coincidence with the wire being pinched by the seatbelt bolt? Any tips are appreciated!

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