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'93 XJ randomly sputtering and stalling

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Specs : 93, 4.0, 120K, AW4, completely stock with exception of dealer installed AC (in 94) and a CD player.


The Jeep has stalled out before, but it would usually take another 6 months to a year for it to happen again. Today it died 3 times in 5 minutes coming home from the grocery store.


What happens: randomly, when at idle it feels like it starts missing slightly. This can usually be cleared up by tapping the throttle a few times. When it stalls out/dies, it starts out by the slight miss when the throttle is pressed then dies. All power accessories still work. Sometimes s few quick blips of the throttle and it will come back. Other times, put it in park and it will fire up.


It is not holding any codes as I only get the "55" all done flash when pulling.


My gut is telling me TPS because the issues seem to start and end with throttle positions. I don't have much experience diagnosing these types of issues so I am calling for your help.



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