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it will live again!

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realized i don't have a build thread yet :dunno: :rotf: , so i'll put this here for now... i was very busy last week.... the reinvention of my '88 from 2.5/stick/rwd to 4.0/auto/4x4 is about 80% finished now.... all of it done in 4&1/2 days. (thanks jim (maddzz1) and mike (comanche87) for all the help!)

so here's how things sit:

the motor, trans, tcase and front axle are in.

most of the wiring is hooked up, and the engine computer and transmission computer are installed. i still have to get the other half of the wiring harness, as it turns out '90 wiring isn't compatible with the rest of the renix years. d'oh!

all of the 80 skillion vacuum lines are run.

the auto trans shifter and the t-case shift lever are installed, the tcase linkage is mounted and hooked up.

the new instrument panel with the tach and gauges is in.

i installed the power/comfort switch for the transmission.

i did the rear main seal, oil pan and valve cover gaskets on the motor while it was out.

i hooked up the cherokee underdash courtesy lights and the headlight sentry module.

i threw in a daystar poly tranny mount for good measure.

also some V8 Grand Cherokee front coils...and that's where i'm at. so that brings us to whats left, which is:


install the starter.

run the tranny cooler lines.

splice in the 4.0 fuel lines.

install the 4.0 fuel pump.

install the coolant surge tank, new heater blend valve and heater core hoses.

install the front driveshaft.

hang the exhaust.

run the trans shifter cable thru the firewall.

replace the oil filter housing o-ring (had to take the housing off to get the motor in).

get new power steering hoses.

get the rear driveshaft cut to length.

get a new speedo cable.

get the other half of the '90 wiring harness.

and fix the flintstone floors.


don't have a lot of pics but i have some... next time i'm at the garage ill take a couple more..so here they are.




2.5 and ax-4 out




empty engine bay



4.0 ready to drop in



4.0 in



Auto trans shifter and t-case shift lever installed



new gauge cluster with tach and actual gauges (old one just had idiot lights and no tach)



power/comfort mode switch for transmission



poly tranny mount



floor rot (FML, i hate rust repair)

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