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'91 eliminator 4x4 edmonton

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right off the bat - no pics, sorry. I'm just putting this out there. i was on a long drive the other day from mcmurry to vancouver and when i pulled into edmonton the first thing i see is a black 91 elim sitting in a liquor store parking lot. in nice, stock condition but with a big dent in the right rear side of box. i left a note asking if they wanted to sell since i was gonna be in town all night. i drove by it about 8 hrs later and it was still there and so ws the note.

i continued on my drive and 2 nights later i was just boarding a ferry in vancouver to go north and the ph rings. the guy said the starter gave out there and he just left it there and yes, he did want to sell. $400.

by this time i was like a thousand or so miles away and not planning to return there any time soon that i know of. he seemed to have no interest in the truck and i got the feeling it may not meet a very nice fate.

so i have his # if anyone is in the edmonton area. i really liked the look of this truck (except for the huge dent in the back of the box.)

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