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Oil around Engine?

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Hey everyone,

I have a 1987 Jeep Comanche Chief and I was looking under the hood when I saw a lot of oil/gunk around the engine, (cover?), would that mean a new gasket would be needed? I'm not sure what it is called, I'm new, but I think it is the engine cover gasket or something? Maybe the valve cover and some oil gets all gunky (lol), but what would be something good to clean the outside with?


Thanks for all the help!


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GUNK and many others make spray on engine cleaner. It works quite well with a warm engine and a hose. just don't directly spray the electrical or the distributor. It may take a couple applications and even a good stiff brush and scrapers.


Once clean yes change out the valve cover gasket and check the "O" rings on the oil filter adaptor as well. Any other leaks will also become apparent once your cleaner...



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Change your valve cover gasket. I changed mine and the flood of oil down the side of the engine has slowed to a trickle. That trickle being caused by the POS plastic valve cover on my 88 being cracked.


Your engine should have some grime on it but if you clean it nicely then it should stay clean. Oil leaking down the side of the motor is probably the valve cover gasket. don't't cheap out. Get the expensive gasket. It's worth it.

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