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Truck is dead, help me resuscitate

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Hey guys, hoping someone can point me in the right direction. Truck won't stay running. She'll start 20% of the time, but die seconds later. The rest of the time she is just cranking over, trying to catch life. No idea what is wrong, but maybe you guys can throw ideas at me for me to check.


(1988 Comanche 4x4 4.0L MT)

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This thing -



Just make a jumper wire and connect the two female connectors together, to bypass the resistor.


See if you can get fuel pressure at the test port. With a pressure gauge, or just push the pin in and see if fuel squirts out. Have rags under the test port.


If this don't work, we'll go to the next level.

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You should be fine with a good used resistor.


Can you do a fuel pressure check??? You should get 31psi with the pressure regulator connected, and 39psi with the vacuum hose dis-connect off the pressure regulator.


Could be a plugged frame fuel filter, or a plugged sock filter. It's has been noted that the rubber line in the tank, from the fuel pump to the sender unit hard lines can crack/rot/leak, and starving the engine for fuel.


Also.......did you check the CPS?? Unplug the connector and plug it back in, or do an Ohm's test on the CPS, you should get 125-275 Ohms on A & B contacts. Anything out of that range, and it's replacement time.

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