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Question about distributor for 2.5

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I have an '88 MJ 2.5 TBI,2wd,AX4. I took the distributor cap off and the only thing that is there is a rotor!?? Isn't there suppose to be a pick-up coil and reluctor? How does the timing advance/retard,get signal? Is this all that the distributor is made up of? There are NO wires(except plug wires and coil wire) coming from the distributor. I am VERY confused. Thank You for any help I can get.


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You must be new to the electronic ignition system.


That's all that's supposed to be in there.


The ECU receives signal from the ©rank (P)osition (S)ensor on the top driver's side of the bellhousing. CPS is a magnetic pickup that reads indentations in the flywheel. ECU uses this to fire the coil. All advancing is controlled by your ECU.


The 4.0s and 91+ 2.5s have another magnetic pickup inside the dizzy, for the MPFI. It works in conjunction with the CPS so the ECU knows which injector to open. Since you only have one, you don't need that sensor.

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