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quick shock question

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can't i just buy new ones? Instead of pick n pull tho

;) I didn't think that you wanted new ones , most guys go out and pull them from a JY but new would be cool . If you put the coils in take the spacers out , I used one or the other and it was about the same .

The springs rode better than the pucks .

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exactly what year and make,model do i need to get these coils from for my 92? it has no spacers on it, just oem coils. i don't want to use these spacers, just all coil and i need around a 2.5 " lift....and i wanna go get new ones from advanced auto or napa auto parts. also, if i get a coil pressed from harbor freight, is it a crazy hard job to do...

thanks in advance


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I have a 3" lift and run these longer shocks (did a lot of research)


Front Shocks: OEM front for a '95 YJ (you'll have to move your pins from the lower end and swap them to these)


Rear Shocks: OEM rear for a '93 Toyota T100 4x4

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