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Pukegoat to AX-15

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Renix era AX-15 ('89 1/2 - '90) will be pretty much a direct swap. You can reuse your slave and hydraulics and driveshafts. Pilot bearing is the same size. You will need the AX-15 mount and it helps to grab the x-member from it too to avoid clearance issues. I had no problems with the shifter clearing the tunnel opening. You'll have to move the crossmember back, no problem as the holes are already there, just tap em (M10 x 1.5 tap)


91+ AX-15 you'll need the pilot bushing from a mid 70s CJ with 304 V8 and IIRC the pilot bearing for whatever year AX-15 you have.

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The first year for the larger pilot tip was actually 92, not 91. Just put a 91 4.0 in front of a 98 AX-15, and we needed the CJ bushing.


Your driveshafts will be fine, the Pukey and AX-15 are the same length. You will need a 23 spline T-case for your AX-15, the one on your pukey will not bolt up.


You'll need the AX-15's slave. I recommend looking for a 94+ AX-15 bellhousing/bearing retainer/clutch fork to get an external setup.


AX-15 crossmember would be a good idea, since you'll need a new mount anyway. You shouldn't have to move the crossmember back, the Pukey should be on the middle and back holes.

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