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Spline Engagement

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This is my HP D44 I'm building for the MJ. Its an older Dynatrac axle from a 97 TJ. In fact I got the original invoice for this axle from 97 - total cost - 1,800 bucks with the gears and ARB. Incredible. I called dynatrac to ask about the spline engagement, which they couldn't answer since it was so old and they didn't have computer records of invoices that far back. Anyway I was told this axle runs 8K now through Mopar. I thought they were around 4K. Anyway, when I bought the axle it had 4.56 gears, Alloy shafts, and an ARB. I thought I got it for a steal at $900. However, upon the teardown I've found some issues,,,,first the ARB was cracked but repairable. I've already ordered a new one. Also I noticed the passenger axle may not be long enough.


Check out the spline engagement on the front axle shafts. The short drivers side has plenty of engagement but the longer passenger side axle only has about 1/2" of engagement. I think the shaft is too short.


I got one response on the build page that the rule of thumb was you're ok with spline engagement equal to the shaft diameter. That sounds about right to me. Also check out the spacing between the shaft ends where they would be inside the carrier/locker. That seems like too much space, maybe both could stand to be a bit longer. Does anyone know how mush space there is supposed to be between axle ends on a D44?


Either way I've spent a little too much on the MJ lately and I'll probably live with it until I can get longer shafts. Unless you think I'll strip the splines off the first time I wheel her....then I'll go ahead and get some other shafts asap.


Sorry for the dirt on the axles,,,you can see the faint line on the left where the splines engage.







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