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Brake woes

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:mad: :mad:

Like always, I'm having a comanche related problem, my brakes are soft no matter what. I recently bled the system and they were tight. I had no problems with them for about a week then well I was driving home on Friday they went straight to the floor I could still stop but it was very slow to respond and they were as I said they were to the floor. This morning I finaly got time to bleed them, I got them done and went for a test ride and they were fine then out of kno were right back to the floor. I took her home and checked it all out I have no leaks what so ever everything is tight and they were just bled. So I bled again and got the same results, but then it got a little weird because I took it down to a friends shop and halfway their the brakes got hard as a rock on there own then got soft again and they would do this periodicly.


I'm thinking my master cylinder is on the way out?

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First, that's not just a Comanche problem, all vehicles would act the same if there was a problem with the braking system :roll:


There is a way to "test" the master, just sitting parked, put your foot on the pedal and push and hold, if the pedal starts sinking to the floor, and you have NO leaks, then the chance that your 20 year old brake master is worn out :(


If not, then when was the last time you check the wheel cylinders, and replaced the soft lines???


The soft (flex) lines after time and age, can become deteriorated and collapse internally, causing fluid pressure problems. You can sometimes check them externally, by feeling for "bumps" or really soft spots. You can bleed the system a thousand times, but if you have a hardware problem, it will not go away with out some replacement parts.


One thing you did not post, if you still have the load leveling valve in the system, and are using the proper bleeding process with the valve in place :dunno:

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Do you still have the rear mounted load sensing valve? If so, you don't bleed the same as a "regular" braking system. Sorry I don't remember the sequence, but its a PIA, and if not done correctly, you will not get a good pedal.


Do a search, its been posted a number of times.


If you want to get rid of the valve and run 100% flo to the rear brakes, you will get a much better pedal and be able to bleed normally.



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Just an added thought.........


If the rear height sensing valve is gone.........how are the hard lines run???


Like this-




Just checking if the lines are coming out of the correct ports, that could cause your problems :roll:

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