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More lighting gremlins

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OK, I got the reverse lights and the brake lights separated, they work when they're supposed to. The 3rd brake light works like it should, doesn't get confused with the blinkers or the headlights.


My other 2 issues are:


1. The blinker indicators on the dash stay on whenever the headlights are on. The blinkers work fine, front & back, but the indicators stay on. I even disconnected the 3rd brake light to see if that was causing the problem.


2. The Part Time (NP231) light is always on even when the TC is not engaged. been like this since I got it running. I've had it on a rack to see if the 4wd was actually on and working and engaging in/out of 4x4. The light persists. :dunno:


Tail light ground is in good shape, shiny & tight. Can these two things be related or am I just going nuts? :wall:

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I might be able to help with the blinkers on the dash. Not sure of the year of your truck, but when mine was doing that it was due to corrosion in the socket connector on the blinkers themselves. Jeep (in their wisdom) had put some kind of dielectric grease in the socket before connecting the bulb. This stuff tended to keep the moisture locked in at the same time and after many, many years, the copper inside the socket was pretty much gone. I ended up buying a replacement socket from the help section of my local autoparts store and that fixed it. It ended up being a universal GM style.

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yeah, universal help section park light sockets are most likely the cure for your lit up turn signals. fixed mine, they both did it at some point. (10-20$ and 1-2 hours tinkering around in the driveway, not difficult)


the part-time light is becuase the front-axle disconnect is not disconnecting whether it be due to a bad vacuum switch, a stuck shift fork or stuck vacuum unit.


the switch is in the front axle not the transfer case so you are not damaging anything to drive like this, just the aggravating light.

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I've already replaced both sockets in front. New bulbs, the blinkers and parks ACTUALLY work fine.

The corner lights work. the rears, the reverse lights, good.


I'm tending to go with cleaning (or replacing) the vac switch on the TC.

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