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mj face lift

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hey there,

i pulled the front off a cherokee that was being crushed,

so I'm wondering how do i get the 2 bolts from the top of the fenders to go into the plate? do i need to remove the fenders and screw them in that way?

or is there another way of doing this

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for 86 the bolts were made into the header panel, and later they were made to the fenders, if youre trying to remove the nuts from the back, youll need to remove or pull back the inner fender liner, then you can get a 10mm and some long extensions up in there to get at the two top nuts. Now if your new header panel doesnt have the studs, youll need to drill your fenders where needed and put a nut and bolt through to bolt it on. Hope that wasnt too confusing.

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