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4.3 in an mj

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It's not going to be easy or fun. It will test your creative engineering abilities and will leave you frustrated. There may be a company that makes engine mounting brackets that mate the MJ/XJ engine bay to the 4.3L Vortec engine, though. That would at least take some difficulty out of the swap.


The 4.3L Vortec is a PITA to work on in the engine bay it was designed to go in. I can't imagine it'd get much better in the MJ bay.

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:agree: even on the 99 s 10 that dad has youve got to take the tiers off the truck just to take the spark plugs out...even then its a major PITA


it's not ALL that bad... i can do plugs and wires on my wife's 99 blazer in a little over an hour and a half, and that includes removing and installing the tires.. the newer ones are much less of a PITA to do a tune up on than the 1st gen s10's.. given the choice between doing plugs/wires in her 99 blazer, or my 91 sonoma w/a TBI 4.3, i'd take hers anyday.. just about everything else is easier to do in the sonoma tho :dunno:



You also have to remove the steering shaft from the gearbox to get to one of the sparkplugs.


as long as you have a swivel spark plug socket, you don't need to remove the steering shaft...

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