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LockRight Locker Rebuild Kit?

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My brother and I are rebuilding the axles in his 84 CJ7. He's got a wide track AMC-20 with one piece shafts that we're putting 4.56s into. Its got a Lockright in it. But when the axle bought the farm previously he ended up losing the shear pins and springs for it.


Anyone know the part number for a Lockright for an AMC 20 or do you know how to obtain the pins and springs?


I imagine we may be able to get them at the hardware store but I want to get the right ones and I want to be exact.


We called the Richmond Gear/Powertrax/Lockright folks and they said they couldn't help us without p/n's. :wall:




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The Lock-Right AMC20 part number is 1710.


The spring/pin kit part number is 1025350KAP.


The cross-shaft part number is SA1710.



I do have 10 of the spring/pin kits sitting on the shelf. Give me a call if I can be of help. You have our number...



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