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Renix headers

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We have spoken about this here and there.


Around here the consensus is the BORLA is about the best. But has some issues with the collector pipe and its mounting. But the quality is there, so is the price...


Pacesetter is cheaper, offers a couple options in coatings. But gets mixed reviews.


Stock replacements are just that. Factory stuff is gone, a couple companies offer "stock" replacement pieces but are prone to the same cracking.


Its not a terrible hard job. As long as you don't break a stud off in the head...


My question is who has what and what is/are your comments to others needing to go down this road... IE would you do again and what would you do different?



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Shifted gears..Seems no one I called had any in stock and the one that did drop shipped from Pacesetter in Cali... Buku shipping to get it here by Friday.


SO, its a factory replacement, probably a better idea anyhow for fitment and future problems...


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i welded a small bar the length of the manifold. its a couple of inches from the top of the manifold. no more cracking. this was after welding a couple of cracks. also cleaned up by porting where ever i thought it needed it. poor mans header. :brows:

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