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rear brake conversion?

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i have skimmed through all the write ups and i havent seen one on swapping over from drum to disc brakes. ive seen them done on XJ 8.25 where they swapped the KJ setup on. Well i was thinking about swapping ZJ d44 discs onto my MJ d44. my rear brakes are comletely shot. i need to run new brakelines, new master cylminder/brake booster, i need new drums, and shoes, so instead i wanted to convert to discs. has anyone ever done this? is it even possible? if no one has ever tried it and it seems plausible, ill submit a write up for it.



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If you search some various forums, I think you will find that it is easier to use 8.8 discs as the early D44 axle retention plate like our MJ's have is similar to the Ford set-up, but very different from the later TJ/ZJ D44 set-up. The 8.8 system only requires minor enlarging of the retention plate bolt holes and a $6 spacer. I thought I had stickied it on my PC< but I don't have it now....

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Thinking of doing the same thing with my MJ 44 and have been collecting info for a while now....here's a couple of misc links. I haven't decided exactly how I'm going to do mine yet. I might just stick with the drums,,,,its a $$$ thing.


http://www.madxj.com/MADXJ/technical/te ... csOnXJ.htm


http://www.iitp.com/techcenter/reardisk ... ersion.htm



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