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door locks write up

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so i know this isnt the right area for write ups but i put it in here for you all to tell me what iv done wrong with it so my future write ups can be done right. so please let me know what you think. sorry for the cell phone pics ill use the camera next time. this is my first write up and after looking through the diy section i noticed nobody had done this one so here goes.....

first off my wife bought me my mj from a police impound lot so when i got it all i had was the ignition key. rekeying the locks was out of the question due to price and the locks looked like this..

so i bought replacement locks from advancedautoparts they cost about 12 bucks.

first remove all door paneling..

then remove door lock retaining clip..

once clip is removed you can pull the lock and bar out the hole just enough to remove the old hardware. i have no pics of the old lock coming out sorry :doh: onceiremoved the lock i noticed the two locks looked different

called to make sure they didnt give me the wrong locks and found out that was the only lock they had :wall: so to the junk yard i went. i found that grandcheroke door locks were the same as my new ones. the hardware that attaches to the bar is different tho. my old stuff

hardware from the grand

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the bar from the grand cherokee is thinner than the bar from my mj so i decided to drill out the hole a bit and see if i could attach it. once i had it drilled out i attatched it to the rod and then pulled the assembly through the hole to attatch the new lock

the new lock attatched to the rod

once the snap ring is on the lock you can shove it all back in the door reattatch the lock clip on the inside of the door and your done

i would test it before putting your door back together. mine worked out perfect jamminz.gif

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not sure but I think his key for ign and door are different. I did a similar thing with mine. I grabbed the door locks out of a 97+ and later noticed that they were to big for the old holes. so I grabbed some off a 94ish 2 door (4 door are probably the same) and the lock rods were different sizes so I had to drill out one of the clips. so now I have my original ignition key and the door key for the new locks (including the glove box).

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