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Bolts to secure the bed of my 88 MJ short bed

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Hi all,


Again I need your knowledge to figure out where do the 8 bolts (I have read in other posts that there is a total of 8 bolts to secure the bed) go, since I bought my MJ the bed has been loose and I want to fix it can you guys show a picture where I can see where each bolt goes, and also where can I get this bolts, do the XJ have this bolts because there are a lot of XJ on the local junk jard but no MJs so I would like to know if any bolts from the XJ can be use to secure the bed of my MJ


Thank you,



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They are 10mm x 1.25 30 IIRC.


I had to bolt my bed down and I was looking where they bolt in from the TOP, like every OTHER truck I've ever had. No, they bolt in from the bottom. I used stainless bolts, pricey, but I don't wanna have to mess with them for a loooong time.


There is a pic floating around here that has the locations.


Two at front corner of bed. Two more just ahead of the wheel well. I know where to find the others, I just can't describe it. Someone chime in with the photo. I crawled around underneath with a flashlight and found them.

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