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AX-15 Slip Yoke

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Is this the one I want? http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayI ... MEWAX%3AIT I don't believe I see any benefit to having one of the 8" ones. Actually an 8" one would cause a steeper DL angle on a lifted truck. Just wanting to know if this is the one I need. :dunno:


ASSume you are using an extended slip yoke this to increase drive shaft length due to a lift? Correct yoke length depends on the spline engagement to the TC or tranny. Too long it will bottom out; too short it will slip out during full flex. You have to measure the length of the yoke cavity full out to bottom out by inserting a wire into the cavity, then split the difference for the correct spline engagement of the driveshaft. Oh, and what's the operating angle at the front of the driveshaft? The extended GM slip yokes won't handle much more than 5-7 degrees w/o grinding.

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No extended yoke. I'm wanting to know if this yoke will insert into my AX-15. My plan is to have the DS modded for length if needed.

Or I guess I'm wondering if my stock DS will work if I use this yoke. The truck has about 4" of lift (spring under). Four wheel drive, currently,BA-10 231. The donor tranny/TC are still together, so I'm good there.

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