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87 stereo Adapter?

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I just picked up a nice pioneer deck for only 80 bucks. It was a display model, plus 10% off. woohoo


Ripped out the old one, but the connectors don't add up. Best buy told me that an 87 doesnt need the little scoche adapter. But I dunno. the pioneer deck came with its own adapter, do i need a jumper to go between the current adapter and the pioneer one?


I'm at a loss here folks :wall:

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On 9 out of every ten Jeeps I get the radio's gone. Seems like the first thing they do when selling is to pull the radio- stereo out as far as they can and then cut the wiring. My question is, of what years 80's-90's MJ-XJ is the plug the same? Gonna hit the JY and get a handfull.

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