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rear axle housing gasket.

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okay so i decided to change the oil and gasket on my rear axle. Prolly has never been changed before. I took off the differential cover and there wasn't a gasket to begin with, just a bunch of red rtv gasket goo. I didn't realize there wasn't a gasket so i had already bought one. Should i put the gasket on and just scrape away all the red rtv silicone stuff? They wouldn't make a gasket for it if it wasn't suppose to have one right???? Is it a bad thing to put a gasket on there even tho its never had one?


thanks guys!



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Gasket isn't really necessary. RTV works well, but you need to clean the surfaces very well. Dry them off and apply a thin bead to the cover. then allow this to set for a short time. Then install but do not tighten more than light finger tite. After about a half hour go ahead and torque it down and your ready to fill it!!


You shouldn't get gobs squeezing out around the edges.



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