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A904 automatic trans info needed

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My new donor cherokee has the A904 trans in it with the NP228 TC. Does anyone have any opinions one way or another if this trans is worth keeping for a future project? Is it as reliable as the AW4 or is it junk? Just trying to work with what I have if its worth it.


And also... from a previous thread question...


Will the NP228 bolt up to and be usable on an AX5?


Thanks for the help guys!

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The 904 is a good trans, but not as good as the AW4. But it is just a 3 spd. If ya have room, hang on to it. Piece of cake to rebuild too. As for the 228, if it is a 21 spline, it should bolt up to the ax5. Just check out put shaft length.

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