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E-brake LB vs SB

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Both my E-brake cables are frozen. In looking for replacements, they appear specific to SB or LB. For the winter I will be stock but come spring my '88 SB will be lifted 3-4". Will useing the LB cables help with the future lift or just stay with the SB and address the bracket if needed? I can not find the differance and am "making the leap" that the length is the differance. Thanks.

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The two cables from the hanger under the bed to the axle are the same length LB vs. SB. It's the cable from the pedal back to the hanger that is different.


I suppose you could use a LB front cable and remount the hanger furthur back under the bed, but there's plenty of slack in the rear cables that they shouldn't be an issue. I'd worry more about lengthening the soft brake line than the e-brake cables.



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