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Head Gasket Torque Spec 1986 2.5

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So, about to put my head back on but I am a bit confused about the torque spec I should go by. My Haynes manual says that the 84-87 models use a stamped steel gasket and should be torqued to 85 ft/lbs, and the 88 and later use a composition gasket and get torqued to 110ft/lbs. Now, the gasket I removed was a steel gasket but the new one that came in my kit is of the newer composition type. So my question is: do I use the 85 or the 110 ft/lb torque spec, and is there any difference in the engines to accout for these differences in numbers or is it strictly related to the gasket being used?

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I would say its all in regards to the gasket your using

the tork your applying to the bolts will compress it making the proper seal

the newer gasket will use a higher tork then want a cardboard gasket would ( or what a cork type would to)

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