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Leaky heater control valve.

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My heater control valve is weeping antifreeze. I wanted to take care of it before it is gushing antifreeze. Team cherokee is the only place that I've found that has the valve. Looks like I have to cut the compression fittings and clamp the new valve in. The problem is $50+ dollars, probably closer to $70.00 by the time it ships seems really high. Anyone know of a place that sells the original hose, valve? I really don't want to use JY parts since they will also be 20+ years old.

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Before you spend money on the fix for this, valves, hoses, fittings, consider converting to an open cooling set-up. It's lower maintenence, works better, no special fittings and parts are plentiful and there's no %#$^@$ pressure bottle to replace every 5K miles.


Converting your rig to an open system with a new radiator, hoses, cap will cost right about $200. I've done this on both my 90 XJ and my 88 MJ. I've completely deleted the heater valve and 6 or 8 hose connections (leak opportunities) and have no issue with it interfering with the A/C or causing any problems what so ever.

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