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marlin glenfield model 60


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anyone have experience with them?


just got one in partial trade for my ruger mark 2 target pistol. also got a ted williams .22, and some cash plus a stock jeep tape deck.


couldn't figure a real life application for a ruger .22 pistol (it was fun, but I need a rifle to run birdshot through), so I opted for this. the ted williams is MINT and dead nuts accurate with the scope...sweet gun.


the marlin glenfield fires, but does NOT cycle. the feed throat is well used. it's an old style, and requires a conversion kit to use the new style feed throat. the serial number on mine begins with 7, denoting that i also need a new bolt to use the conversion kit...and the bolt I need is not available.



anyone know where I can get the old style feed throat from?



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here's a bolt not sure if it what you need check this guys other autions to he has more mdl 60 parts. http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewIt ... =164598143 Hope it helps.


thanks. that's a late model.


managed to find an early model feed throat, so I shouldn't have to replace anything but that.



that said, I find that the birdshot shoots fine through it...don't know the brand or grain on the birdshot, but my bet is low grain.


it doesn't actually cycle with birdshot, it just shoots...but then I pull the bolt back, it ejects, and I let go quick and the new bullet goes right in the hole. so, since this is the birdshot only gun, I'm not too concerned with it. I'll swap the feedthroat when it shows up and see if that fixes my problem (it should, the one in the gun is wore like no tomorrow).





anyone else have a marlin model 60?

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