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Which Gauge Cluster??

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I've seen in some Build threads here they replace their old guage cluster with an XJ's... I believe, but i'm not sure, it's the 1995s?? In the threads they (I guess) change the mileage to the original (to what they are swapping it in to) and I was wondering how?


Any help/input will be appreciated!



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Its best to replace your gauge cluster with the comparable year XJ. As a standard rule for interchange:






Rob L.

The '84 - '87 XJ ('86 - '87 MJ) cluster and the '88 - '90 cluster are both mechanical, but different because of the way the speedometer cable attaches to the speedometer head. They can be interchanged if you also change the speedo cable.


Jeep went to an electronic speedometer in 1991. All clusters from '91 - '96 can be swapped.


As for resetting the odometer -- I have read some reports of successfully resetting the mechanical ones, while other reports said they broke it in the attempt. I don't know of any way to reset the electronic ones, other than to take/send it to a professional speedometer repair shop.

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Thanks for the replies guys!

I have/will have a 1986 Comanche Chief so I'm guessing I will go with the '84 - '87 XJs correct?



Yes. But the early tachometers did not have an adjustable potentiometer on them, so be sure the cluster comes from a donor vehicle with the same number of cylinders as yours. And I am not certain that the change in speedo cable attachment was between the '87 and '88 model years ... I haven't researched it, but I suspect that it may have been a mid-year change. So double check that the attachment for the donor cluster is the same as on yours.

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