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restoring rubber?

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ok its not really comanche tech, but it is tech and does involve a comanche. I know where i can get a factory amc rubber bedmat for a swb and i have been looking everywhere for one! the problem is that it has been exposed to the elements for some time now. the black rubber is faded alittle and there are cracks that are visible like dryrot but the mat itself is still very flexible and rubbery. is there anyway to bring the bedmat back to life? its going to be more for show/rarity rather than just protecting my bed floor. i havent talked prices with him yet but what would be a resonable price for it? also if anyone would like to get rid of one... :D




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You could try this product -


http://www.crlaurence.com/crlapps/showl ... delID=1563


I use it on rubber suction cups, and it keeps the rubber from drying out and cracking, I've also used it on some weatherstripping and in make the old rubber more flexible.


The problem you have, might be like when tires get dry rotted, there is no repair to the rubber :(


The rubber bed mats are kind of hard to find, so.......that might be the only one you'll ever see :dunno:


The only other thing I could think of it using tire wet product, that would give it a shine :hmm:

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