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2 to 4 wheel drive

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I have a 2 wheel drive 5 speed that I wood like to turn to 4 wheel drive.

I have the transfer case it is a commad trac how do I make it hoke up to I think is a T5 trans?





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You can start by reading this post -





I don't think you have a T5 tranny, if it's behind a 4.0, it should be a BA-10. AX-15 mid '89+ or a AX-5 behind a 2.5 engine.


Up until jpnjim posted this, a transfer case would not bolt up to a 2wd tranny, his post proved it wrong to all of us -




That will give you a start on the conversion.


The best thing you can do, is find a like era XJ and pull all the 4wd parts off you'll need, that way you have the donor on hand for all the little odds and ends that you'll need.

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There should be a tag on the rear section of the T-case, held in by a screw.


I'm sure yours looks nothing like this one, but



As far as attaching a T-case to a 2wd transmission, I believe that was only done on a BA 10/5. You can convert a 2wd trans to a 4wd trans, but you'd need the rear housing, and output shaft... by the time you're done, you might as well have just gotten a 4wd trans, since you need vital parts from one anyway.


The AX-5 is not a rare transmission, you shouldn't have trouble locating one at a yard.

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