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Putting interior trim back together and having issues.

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OK I finally got my floor cleaned up and patched up and now I am trying to put everything back together, it has been months since I pulled the carpet and trim pieces and I can't remember a few things, specifically am having issue with the trim panel behind the seat on the back wall of the cab. There are 2 metal brackets that have me confused. One in the middle and one on the passenger side, what are these? First thought was for the trim panel to sit in but then it is way to high.


Also looks like the previous owner pulled the interior before and there are alot of screws missing. Does the trim that goes along the bottom of the door opening need to be installed before the B pillar trim. I did not need to remove the b pillar trim to remove these trim pieces but it looks like there were some screws missing.


If anyone can tell me where to find a manual online or has pictures that would be great. This is the downside to taking so long on a project, you don't remember how the "easy" stuff goes back together and when the PO has done a poor job of putting it back together it isnt any easier. Can Anyone Help?

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Door trim on & then the B pillar. The bracket in lower middle of back cab is for the jack handle retining clip. The bracket protrudes through the back panel I think.


Yes I know the jack handle braket, it does protrude through the back panel, but it is about half way up the wall, the brackets I am referring to are at the bottom of the wall behind the seat.


Door trim, then the b-pillar, that helps, thanks alot.

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Can you post a couple of picture of these "brackets"? Are they bolted to the floor and look like this, they are for the carpeted rear panel that covers the back of the cab, available with some trim packages.


Yes those are the ones and I have the carpeted rear panel. What purpose do they serve? It almost seems like the trim panel should sit in them, but then the panel is way too high, the clips on the panel do not come close to lining up with the slots in the B pillar trim.


If I can get this figured out the only other thing that I have issue with is the trim piece down by the e-brake and hood release. I remember that being difficult to pull out so I am guessing I just meed to find the righ way to finess it back in.


I stopped yesterday and picked trim screws, the little stamped steel nuts, and some of the push in fasteners to replace the ones that are broken or missing from the previous owners.

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The panel is secured to the brackets with two fasteners each, the tan part at the top of the brackets in the picture is actually part of the panel that I cut out to salvage the brackets. The panel should be wide enough to span from under the plastic trim piece under the rear window to these brackets (just off the floor), maybe the PO cut the panel short? The brackets have that angled shape at the bottom so the “tabs” in the floor covering can slip inside them. Should look like this.

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